Dental Restoration: Single Tooth Implant in Schaumburg, IL

When you are missing a tooth, an implant dentist can be a great resource to help with this restoration. There is no reason to live with a gap in your mouth. Placing an implant helps fill in the empty space while preventing other dental complications.

At Schaumburg Tooth Doctor, we partner with skilled oral surgeons in the area to offer long-term dental restorations for our patients. If you need a simple tooth implant, we can provide the complete treatment plan necessary to restore your smile.


What to Expect: Single Tooth Implant

Several appointments are necessary for teeth implants. Initially, you will have a consultation with our team to determine the ideal type of dental restoration for your smile. A single implant might be the best treatment if only one tooth is missing.

After a thorough examination and consultation in our office, we will refer you to an implant dentist. We regularly work with this oral surgeon to pair the implant placement with our restorative treatments. The surgeon will secure the implant post into your mouth, then a few months of recovery is necessary so the implant can be strengthened by the bone.

Our team creates a personalized dental restoration: a crown that fits securely to the abutment at the top of the implant. Through this process, our goal is to create a natural-looking restoration that looks and feels like your natural tooth.

Even though it takes multiple appointments and several months to complete a single tooth implant, it’s worth the time and effort because of the long-term benefits you will receive.

Benefits from Dental Implants

Should you use an implant for tooth replacement? Here are some of the reasons why patients often choose a tooth implant after extraction:

  • Prevent Complications: When there is a gap in the mouth, then it can lead to other dental complications. A single-tooth implant can prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting. Additionally, placing the post in the jawbone helps to improve bone density.
  • Restore Your Smile: Our restorations match the natural appearance of your teeth, including the optimal color and shape to blend with the rest of your smile.
  • Daily Function: Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant and crown restores your daily function. You will be able to smile, eat, and talk as normal – as if the original tooth was still in your mouth.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn About Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing teeth to replace, then it’s time to reach out to our team at Schaumburg Tooth Doctor for a consultation. A single-tooth implant might be the ideal treatment! Or we can also discuss other restorative services, such as implant-supported bridges or implant-supported dentures. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you do implant surgery in your office?

No, we don’t offer implant surgery in our office. But we are partnered with a skilled oral surgeon who works hand-in-hand with our dentist to ensure optimal results for each patient.

2. Are there any risks from dental implants?

Technology has come a long way over the years, and most implant surgeries are completed successfully. But there is a risk after the surgery of inflammation, infection, and pain. Follow the recovery instructions to minimize the risk of these issues.

3. Will insurance cover the cost of a tooth implant?

It depends on your insurance plan. Typically, this treatment qualifies for some insurance coverage, but it varies from one provider to the next. The best solution is to talk to our office and your insurance provider to estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

4. What is the success rate of dental implants?

Between 90 – 95% of all dental implant surgeries are successful. This treatment is only offered to patients with good health overall and good oral hygiene habits.