Dental Crowns in Schaumburg, IL, for a Stronger, Beautiful Smile

When a tooth is severely damaged, sometimes a basic filling isn’t sufficient to restore and strengthen the structure of the tooth. One possible alternative is to “cap” the tooth with a crown. Dental crowns fill in the empty space and cover the remaining portions tooth to create a durability that can last for years.

At Schaumburg Tooth Doctor, we offer porcelain crowns and other restorative treatments to improve your smile. If you need crowns for teeth or other dental services, then reach out to us to schedule a consultation and learn more about available services.

Illustration of a dental crown procedure

When Dental Crowns Are Recommended

The placement of a tooth crown is only recommended when other minimally-invasive treatments are no longer an option. For example, a small cavity can easily be repaired with a basic filling. But if the tooth has more extensive damage, it might be necessary to place a dental crown instead.

Here are some examples of situations when a dentist might recommend a crown instead of other dental treatments:

  • After a root canal to protect the remaining portion of the tooth
  • If a tooth is broken or cracked and needs to be repaired
  • After removing a large cavity in the tooth
  • To improve the appearance of a poorly shaped tooth
  • Prevent cracking and strengthen a weakened tooth
  • A replacement tooth secured to the top of a dental implant
  • Attaching a bridge to a neighboring tooth

Modern Technology and Quality Tooth Crowns

The good news is that modern technology has come a long way in recent years. If you need a dental crown, you can have confidence knowing that it is custom-designed to match the shape and position of your tooth.

We use the best equipment and skilled staff members to ensure the ideal fit for your new dental crown. For more information about this tooth restoration service, feel free to reach out to our team at Schaumburg Tooth Doctor any time. We are always here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do dental crowns last?

A good dental crown can last 15 – 20 years or more with proper maintenance and care. We use porcelain ceramic materials that are durable and strong to ensure long-lasting results for our patients.

2. What is the best way to take care of a crown?

After a dental crown is placed in your mouth, brush and floss it in the same way you care for the rest of your teeth. The recommendation is 2x per day brushing, 1x per day flossing, and teeth cleaning 2x per year.

3. Does it hurt to place a dental crown?

Drilling is required to prepare the tooth for crown placement. We will numb your mouth to ensure your comfort during this treatment. Remember that you might experience tenderness for a day or two after the treatment.

4. Are crowns for restorative or cosmetic dentistry?

Usually, dental crowns are used for restorative dentistry to protect and preserve damaged teeth. But there are times when crowns might be recommended for cosmetic purposes.